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Púrpura Tatuajes is a professional tattoo and piercing studio located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with the best artists from different parts of the world. All our designs can be customized according to your preferences and we only use quality materials for the tattoos.

Our tattoo artists have been working in the industry for many years and are experts in their field. They are experienced in all styles of tattoos, so feel free to ask them any questions you may have about your design.


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We will give you an estimate of how long your tattoo or piercing will take and how much it will cost.
At Púrpura Tatuajes Puerto Vallarta we have been in this industry for over 10 years, providing excellent customer service and making sure they are satisfied with their new body art.

Our artists are capable of creating any type of design you desire. and they will make sure you get a unique piece of art on your skin, high quality, long lasting and that it looks exactly the way you want it when it’s finished, so don’t hesitate to tell us what kind of design you’re looking for.

The Artists

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Bola Valles

Black & Grey + Traditional

Dario Toffana

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Julio Roque

Blackwork y Neotradicional

Types of Tattoos

Tattoo Studio in Puerto Vallarta


Blackwork is a style of tattooing that uses black ink and a single needle to create a bold, graphic image. This style is popular because it can be used to create any type of design, from tribal to portrait.


In this style of tattooing, the artist creates his own patterns and designs using a single color, black, with no shading or highlights.


Black and gray tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo styles. They are also very easy to make, making them a good choice for beginners. The main idea of black and gray tattoos is to remove all the colors of the tattoo and leave only black ink on the skin. This creates a very sharp contrast between light and dark areas, which can make for an interesting design when done correctly.

Black and gray tattoos are usually done in monochrome style (no color), but they can also be done with color if you want to add some vibrancy to your tattoo.


Traditional tattoos are the most common type of tattoo. They can be black and gray, but there are also brightly colored ones.

Traditional tattoos are usually done with a needle, but there is increasing interest in using lasers for this technique as well. Traditional tattoos are usually small and very striking, but they don’t have to be: large pieces often incorporate elements of other styles (such as Japanese or American) as well.


Neotraditional tattoos are a mix of traditional tattooing and new school tattooing. Neotraditional tattoos have a clean, bold look, making them ideal for people who want to stand out.

The main difference between this style of tattooing and other styles is that neotraditional artists draw on their own experiences with traditional methods as well as modern techniques.


Abstract art tattoos are abstract designs created with lines and shapes. They can be any color, but usually have a lot of white or negative space.

Abstract art tattoos are usually watercolor style, meaning that the artist will use a series of small dots and lines to create an image rather than using solid colors or shading.


Hand tattooing is a form of tattooing that uses a sterilized needle or punch to repeatedly pierce the skin in order to insert ink into the dermis, the layer of skin beneath the epidermis. It is an ancient tattooing technique used by the indigenous cultures of Asia and Oceania until relatively recently.

Some tribes in New Zealand and Australia, as well as in other areas of the world, such as Japan, where they are known as tebori, still practice hand tattooing.


Botanical tattoos are a popular choice for people who like nature and want to show it in their tattoo. Botanical tattoos can be done with or without machines, depending on the artist’s preference. Botanical tattoos are usually done in black and gray, but can also be done in color if desired.

If you are interested in getting a botanical tattoo, here are some tips for choosing one that suits your style.