How to prepare before a tattoo?


Preparing for a tattoo appointment is essential to ensuring a successful and enjoyable experience. We leave you some recommendations that will help you prepare before attending your tattoo appointment.

Research and choose a tattoo artist or tattoo studio


Be sure to carefully research and select an experienced and reputable tattoo artist. Check out their past work, read reviews, and if possible, visit the tattoo studio before your appointment.
There are studies in which the contact is through digital means and you only show up for the appointment. If so, and you feel insecure, ask them to meet them before and they will surely have no problem receiving you and giving you all the information in person. This will give you the opportunity to meet the tattoo artist and make sure that you are both in the same vein about the final result.



Decide on the design


Spend time thinking about the design you want and its placement on your body. If possible, bring a sketch, reference image, or detailed description of the design to the appointment.
You can also let your tattoo artist show you all his potential and art; you can let him work his magic and receive an excellent personalized design.


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How to prepare your body?


Avoid alcohol and drugs

Do not consume alcohol or drugs before your appointment, as they can affect your pain tolerance and the ability of your blood to clot.


Hydrate and eat well

Make sure you are well hydrated and have eaten a nutritious meal before your appointment. This will help you feel better during the tattoo session and facilitate healing afterward.


Cleanses and hydrates the skin

Gently wash the area where the tattoo will be made with antibacterial soap and warm water. Apply a light moisturizing lotion to the area to keep the skin hydrated.

How to go on the day of your appointment?


Wear comfortable clothing

Dress in loose, comfortable clothing that allows the tattoo artist easy access to the tattoo area.


Bring a distraction

Tattoo sessions can be long and sometimes painful. Bring a book, headphones, or anything else that will help keep you distracted and relaxed during the process.


Prepare payment and tip

Make sure you bring enough cash or a credit card to pay for the tattoo and leave an appropriate tip for the tattoo artist (this is not always necessary)


Get psyched up

Mentally prepare yourself for the pain and discomfort associated with the tattoo process. Practice relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, and remember that the result will be worth it.



By following these tips, you’ll be well prepared for your tattoo appointment and can enjoy a successful and rewarding experience.

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